Composting Classes 2021

The Magic of Composting 2021

The workshops have concluded this year.  Please check back in January for new dates during the year 2022.

Vermicompost – Composting Food Waste with Worms
Backyard – Traditional Composting with Yard Clippings

Compost for Sale

Compost is an appropriate top dressing for all plants, scrubs and trees, and potted plants  Also used as a mild additive when planting.

Volunteers Creating Compost

Shipley’s Own Prepared on Site — $5 PER 1 CUBIC FOOT BAG

Earthworm casts are a ready-to-use fertilizer that can be used at a higher rate of application than compost, since nutrients are released at rates that growing plants prefer.

Vermicastings  — $10 PER 10 lb BAG