Water Conservation

For years Shipley Nature Center has been involved with water conservation and how citizens can save this “life giving” resource.  Several programs have been sponsored at Shipley.  Children’s programs such as Planet Water and our most current program, “Living Soils.”

Shipley will focus on water conservation and how citizens can change habits to save “California’s Gold” water.


On Saturday, September 22, 2012, the fourth in a series of programs about the importance of water usage was held at SNC. Guests were invited to attend a puppet show and complete a scavenger hunt to learn ideas that save water.

The puppet show character, Mr. Drip, tripped in to demonstrate what a water user might do in a normal day. The animal characters and the audience showed Mr. Drip what he was doing wrong and how he could save water.

Children and their parents went on a scavenger hunt to find questions posted around the center. A volunteer at each station helped the participants to answer the question. Guests responded with a written answer or picture on their scavenger sheets. The different stations included water hogs, rain barrels, pond, drought tolerant plants, compost and microscopes.

One of the favorite activities was making a miniature garden. Participants planted succulents in a small container and decorated with natural objects. They learned how little these plants need to be watered.

Children gathered under a tree to listen to the story The Waterhole by Graeme Base. All ages enjoyed the beautiful pictures and tale of the animals sharing the water.

We thank the many volunteers who helped to make this a quality event where children and adults had an opportunity to learn more about their environment and the importance of water in our future.

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