The Magic of Composting

Vermicompost – Food Composting with Worms

Backyard – Traditional Composting with Yard Clippings

Learn how easily you can transform your kitchen scraps and backyard cuttings into rich compost for your plants and gardens!

New dates for composting seminars have not yet been scheduled.  If you wish to be notified of the new dates, please send us your email to:  Thank you.

Compost for Sale

Compost is an appropriate top dressing for all plants, scrubs and trees, and potted plants  Also used as a mild additive when planting. Shipley’s Own Prepared on Site — $5 PER 1 CUBIC FOOT BAG

Earthworm casts are a ready-to-use fertilizer that can be used at a higher rate of application than compost, since nutrients are released at rates that growing plants prefer.  Vermicastings  — $10 PER 10 lb BAG