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Inside the Outdoors is now offering NEW virtual programs for the

2020-21 school year!

Every live-stream program presentation will:

  • Serve as a virtual classroom takeoverwhere the teacher benefits as a participant.
  • Match with your platform of choice(Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) for a comfortable online experience.
  • Bring science and history to lifeand inspire students with a combination of props, lab demonstrations, field explorations, animal ambassadors, and/or historic artifacts.
  • Include TWO Inside the Outdoors staffmembers to facilitate and encourage student engagement with questions and activities, as well as work to minimize distracting interruptions due to technology glitches.
  • Extend the lessons through resourceslike pre- and post-activities and family engagement components.

To sustain learning continuity, these programs will be grade level specific, support California content standards, and have



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