Living Soils

Sarah presenting her rock display to the children.

Exhibit Invitation

A new exhibit at the Shipley Nature Center, LIVING SOILS, uses text and graphics to help visitors learn about the creation, maintenance and importance of healthy soil for all living things. The easily understood panels provide information to inspire and educate visitors of all ages about this thin and fragile life supporting earth layer and what we can do to care for it in our home gardens.

Soil health is more important than ever now that water is scarce.  Learn how to keep your soil alive by the use of mulch. Soil which is covered with mulch aids our water table by allowing water to percolate into the soil rather than run off.  Mulches will slowly break down with the help of worms, microorganisms, and weather thus adding organic matter and nutrients back into the soil while keeping roots cooler.

In addition to the panels there is a large window box display.  Articles of various topics will be posted.  Currently you can read articles about what you can do to aid our declining Monarch butterflies and honey bees.

We are proud of our new Living Soils Exhibit and invite you to visit soon.  It’s here for you!

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