Eight Habitats


Southern Oak Woodland habitats are found in foothill areas and in canyons within these foothills. One of the most diverse habitats in nature, it often abuts and blends into other habitats, notably pine forests, as it does with our Torrey Pine Forest.

Southern Oak Woodland

Coast Live Oak, Western Sycamore, Canyon Oak, Island Oak, and Scrub Oak make up our oak population. These trees are relatively young, planted within the last 10 years, and still have some growing to do.

The under-story plants include; Toyon, Coyote Bush, Ceanothus sp., coffeeberry, Ribes sp., California Wild Rose, Salvia spathacea, and a variety of Sage to name a few. These understory plants appear to have overwhelmed the Oaks. In time the Oaks will overtake the understory plants and the habitat will resemble those found in nature.

Hummingbirds particularly love all the variety of Ribes and the Spathacea. Bees are busy around the Ceanothus when in bloom. Lizards are everywhere. Rabbits, squirrels, mice and other small animals frequent this habitat.

For additional information, read Freeman Creek by Peter Grack, Troop 412, Scout Project 2023

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