Eight Habitats


The Torrey Pine (Pinus torreyana) is the rarest pine species in the United States, an endangered species growing only in San Diego County and on one of the Channel Islands.

Torrey Pine Habitat

The Torrey Pine is a broad open crown tree growing 26 to 49 feet. In cultivation, it is capable of growth up to 148 feet. It has long needles grown in groups of five. The cones are long and broad and contain large, hard shelled, edible pine nuts.

These trees are home to a large variety of under-story plants and scrubs. As you walk through the habitat you will see Coastal Sage Brush, Deer Grass, Bladderpod, California Buckwheat, Monkeyflowers, Toyon, Coyote Bush, Manzanita, California Redbud, and a variety of Sage Brushes, to name a few of the plants in this varied habitat.

The small animals of this area include gophers, moles, mice, cottontail rabbits, and ground squirrels.

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