Eight Habitats


Sage scrub grows between the low lying strand and higher chaparral habitat primarily in dry, sunny areas and south facing slopes. Ninety per cent of Coastal Sage Habitat has been destroyed by development

The plants in this community are very drought tolerant. They need very little water and survive on rainfall of 10 inches or less per year. They are what is called drought deciduous, this means if they are really stressed by drought, they drop their leaves and look dead. When the next rainy season comes, they revive and continue to grow and bloom.

In this Habitat, there are Purple Sage, Black Sage, and White Sage. California Sagebrush is not a true sage, but is very fragrant as are most sages. Coast Sunflower, Matilija Poppy, Monkey Flower, Bladderpod, Coyote Bush, Prickly Pear Cactus, and Cholla Cactus are some of the plants in this habitat.

Ground squirrels and cottontail rabbits abound in this area, as well as the fence lizards.

The observation deck at the top of Sage Hill Trail is an excellent place to view this diverse habitat. Learn more about Coastal Sage Scrub by Evan Liang 2022

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