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On August 14, 2021 the SO-CALedonian Scottish Dance Band delighted visitors with lively traditional music and who learned some easy, fun dances.  Thanks to these very talented musicians and dancers, especially to Connie for calling the steps.  See the video dance party here.  CEILIDH! Scottish Dance Party at Shipley Nature Center August 14, 2021

Education Bulletin Board
Huntington Beach, CA May 10, 2021  – Friends of Shipley Nature Center would like to thank Zac Archuletta from Well Done Building and Design and Bill Rupert from Rupert Construction Services Inc. for their manufacture and installation of an outside bulletin board at Shipley Nature Center.
The new bulletin board is designed for easy access and protection from the weather. They both listened to our needs and delivered a product that surpassed our expectations. That bulletin board will be used for supporting our mission of environmental education in an urban setting.
Zac and Bill were amazing and true partners throughout this project.
Thank you,
Friends of Shipley Nature Center 
Melanie Bergeland

CLCA Orange County and Friends of Shipley Nature Center
Partner to Beautify Waterwise Demonstration Garden
Huntington Beach,  CA February 4, 2020 – The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) Orange County Chapter and the Friends of Shipley Nature Center have joined forces to beautify the Waterwise Demonstration Gardens at Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach Central Park.  The two groups, consisting of volunteers from both organizations and including employees of the Boeing Company and Inside the Outdoors, OC Department of Education, will be working together to renovate the pathways that meander through the demonstration gardens. The two-part project began on January 25 when volunteers cleaned up the planter beds surrounding the paths and repaired bender boards. The project will be completed on February 8 with the re-grading and installation of decomposed granite paths. Through a shared passion for supporting the growing movement toward making our state’s landscapes more sustainable, CLCA Orange County Chapter and the Friends of Shipley Nature Center are excited to be partnering in this project.
The half-acre demonstration gardens, consisting of seven habitats for the purpose of showing how California native plants can be used around homes to create drought-tolerant gardens and enhance habitat for wildlife, is nestled within the Shipley Nature Center’s 18-acres of land. Visitors of the gardens are taught the importance of native plants, especially in a period of drought when water is such a scarce resource.  Each year over 15,000 school students tour the nature center.
The project is being made possible by hard-working and dedicated volunteers along with funding for materials by the Metropolitan Water District Community Giving Grant and Chevron Corporation.  Including those individuals who provided donations and membership to the Friends of Shipley Nature Center..
About the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA)
CLCA is a non-profit trade organization of licensed landscape contractors and landscape-related professionals. Among their membership are landscape suppliers, landscape architects, landscape designers, public officials, and students. CLCA is an active force in the statewide effort to conserve water. As water-efficient irrigation experts, many members are invaluable sources for consultations on planning and installing water-saving irrigation systems. The Orange County Chapter of the association is one of 17 chapters throughout California.
About the Friends of Shipley Nature Center (FSNC)
In 2002, budget restraints forced the City of Huntington Beach to close Shipley Nature Center.  The Friends of Shipley Nature was formed as a 501(c)(3) and rallied a volunteer base to rescue the degraded natural habitat.  They received management responsibility from the city to restore, re-open, and operate the center. The habitat areas are maintained by staff and regular volunteers.  Supporters and volunteers include former educators, scouts, church groups, high school key clubs, and others. Monthly bird surveys are conducted, and maintenance reports are made to the board. Today restoration has greatly enhanced the habitat value for wildlife and has provided improved opportunities for environmental education.  With a goal to encourage land stewardship, the Friends of Shipley Nature Center work to demonstrate the principles of using native plants, organic living soils, recycling, and water conservation.

Community Volunteers at Shipley Nature Center

Many thanks to the individuals from the groups named below who came out to Shipley Nature Center.  For giving your personal time and working really hard on the bender board repairs for the Demonstration Garden.  Those repairs will maintain water within the planter beds, and is part of the bigger project to renovate the decomposed granite pathways.

  • Employees of The Boeing Company
  • Employees of Inside the Outdoors, OC Department of Education
  • Volunteers and Tradespersons of California Landscape Contractors Association
  • Volunteers and Groundskeepers of Friends of Shipley Nature Center

Thanks to The Metropolitan Water District Community Giving Grant for funding  materials for this portion of the project.

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