Shipley Nature Center provides some of the best year-round birding in Southern California. The mix of Oak Woodland, Torrey Pines, meadows, Riparian, Sycamore-Alder Grove and Coastal Sage Scrub habitats make Shipley one of the best places in Orange County to spot a variety of songbirds. There are abundant numbers of California native plants which supply nectar to hummingbirds and wrens. Old groves of Redwood Forest and Coast Live Oak attract foraging raptors. Mature willows around the natural, freshwater pond draw grebes, herons, coots and ducks.

The Great Egrets have fledged the nexts.  The next point of birding interest will be the fall migration species.

Monthly bird survey reports are posted to  under Huntington Central Park–Shipley Nature Center. View the latest checklist:   August 27, 2021

Bird Watchers At Shipley

Volunteers do a bird count on the last Friday of the month which is recorded on the bird board. There is also a Field Form for visitors to record sightings of birds. For information on volunteering for the bird surveys, visit our Volunteer page.

Downey Woodpecker

Nesting Allen’s Hummingbird

Western Wood-Pewe

Black-headed Grosbeak

White-tailed Kite

Tree Swallow


Song Sparrow

Blue Bird

Wilson’s Warbler