Inside The Outdoors

Shipley Nature Center is fortunate to partner with Inside the Outdoors, a unique and hands-on environmental education program administered by the Orange County Department of Education. Over 12,000 students participate in these programs during the school year at Shipley. A day camp is also held in the summer months.

Inside the Outdoors mission is to empower students, teachers, parents, and the community to explore the natural world, while expanding their knowledge and understanding of science and the wonders of nature.

Children At Shipley

Kindergarten: Ecosystem Extravaganza

Students use their senses to explore and compare different ecosystems by making leaf rubbings and digging through soil. They will also see and touch live program animals from different ecosystems.
First Grade: Ecosystem Extravaganza

Discovering the world of plants, students learn about seeds, flowers, and special characteristics of plants that attract or repel insects and other animals.
Second Grade: Ecosystem Extravaganza

Students delve into the world of skins, skulls, scat, and tracks as they walk through the nature center on the lookout for animal evidence.
Third Grade: Gabrieliño Walk

Students travel back in time to discover the lifestyle of local Native Americans. They twine plant material to make string, create music using authentic instruments, hunt and learn how the Tongva (Gabrieliño) and Acjachemen (Juaneño) used plants as food, shelter, and medicine.
Fourth Grade: Native American Program

Students will “cook”, gather food, play skill building games, hunt, weave, and make fire to experience life as it was 500 years ago for the California Native Americans.
For information on Inside the Outdoors programs, call (714) 708-3885. You can also find out more from the Inside The Outdoors website, located here.