Docent Update

Shipley Docent Update
August 2017

It has been a busy summer at Shipley with docents keeping the gates open every Saturday, many “birders” observing the egrets, Barbara running the Parent and Me for preschoolers every Wednesday, our Open House and Cool Summer Nights, many tours and ITO ran their Summer Camp. I can say that we truly fulfill our mission statement. There may be a squirrel or rabbit who are saying WOW, let’s have a little peace and quiet! Well, the egrets are just about ready to leave. They actually remained longer than I was told they would, but all of you parents realize that it is getting harder and harder to get our children to leave the “nest”. Just too comfortable with Mom doing the cooking and cleaning, and the babies just “squeaked” and Mom fed them……imagine that now they are responsible!

Great Egret Young Playing

However, now we are preparing for Fall and one of the dates on the calendar will be a luncheon for our volunteers. Details are being worked out, but it looks as if we will have a real “hoe down” (whatever that is), but when mentioned everyone in the Education Committee said “yahoo”! So it must be FUN! I will keep you posted but right now it looks like Oct. 7th and we really want to say thank you to all of you who do so much to make Shipley successful. Also if you would like to have some docent lectures, please let me know what your interests are. Some suggestions have been…..birding, plants, water conservation, and I would like your thoughts and suggestions.

Monarch on Milkweed

Some of you may have heard that we do have mosquitoes at Shipley, which is common with so much water around. Vector Control who oversees controlling the mosquito population is at Shipley several times a week is trying to eliminate the mosquito population. Impossible to eliminate all, but they have reduced numbers significantly. No disease has been detected in any of their inspections. At the last City Council meeting, Vector Control did an in-depth presentation on exactly what is happening at Shipley, Central Park, the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and the City overall. You should be able to check that meeting if you go to the City’s web page. So far, Shipley is safe and we do recommend using skin protections when you visit if you are susceptible to mosquito bites, either cream or wearing long sleeve shirts.

On August 26th the Master Gardeners are presenting a great lecture on Raised Beds and Container Gardens. This should be excellent, as so many of us are gardening in small spaces. The lecture begins at 10:00 a.m., so mark it on the calendar.

On the evening of August 10th we had our last Cool Summer Nights with a concert with the dulcimers and other folk instruments. When it got dark, one of our most popular shows was presented by the O.C. Astronomers….Exploring the Skies Above Shipley. It was such a successful season that I am sure all our guests will be back next year.

Remember, you will be getting a request for Shipley Docents to volunteer on Saturdays in September.. Check your calendars and put aside one Saturday when you can help, so you can sign up as soon as you get my request in late August.

Again my heartfelt thanks for all you do for the success of Shipley. Not only is this a thanks from me, but a thanks from an entire community.

Shirley Dettloff

Volunteer, Education Committee

The Friends of Shipley Nature Center