Docent Update

Docent Update

June 7, 2017

June is busting out all over……thankfully the plants at Shipley don’t realize we are also having June gloom, as they look beautiful! We are expecting!!!……. the Mother birds sing out!  The egrets are beautiful and quite a sight to see. We should be seeing new chicks in the very near future.  The birders have all learned about these magnificent birds and are visiting the area with beautiful, very expensive cameras around their necks as they enter through the Shipley gates and head for the trees.  Soon the air will be filled with the sound of baby egrets, as the babies cry out, insisting on instant gratification and Mom has to go out and quickly round up food to quiet their insistent cries.  All in all this is what Spring means to Shipley, a wonderful show put on by the one and only Mother Nature with flowers and birds.

SNC Spring Event 6.3.17-8115 SNC Spring Event 6.3.17-8128 SNC Spring Event 6.3.17-8142

Our Open House was a big success and we have Jackie Jones and Barbara Pearson to thank for all of their hard work. We heard nothing but compliments and made many new friends. It is always amazing how many people who live right here in Huntington Beach have never visited Shipley.  Also we had many people volunteer and many young people who volunteered were introduced to the wonders at Shipley. Visitors enjoyed face painting, the Butterfly House, the Maypole, plant sales, music, other non-profit organizations and many interesting exhibits.

SNC Spring Event 6.3.17-8156 SNC Spring Event 6.3.17-8162 SNC Spring Event 6.3.17-8173

Some other events coming up include our Sister City Luncheon this month. This is where we entertain the student who visit every year from Anjo, Japan, Huntington Beach’s Sister City. They visit many places in the area, and conclude their visit by riding in our 4th of July Parade.

Also we begin our Cool Summer Night’s programs in July with 4 outstanding programs. I will send you the listing of all of the programs under separate cover. Don’t miss them as they range from the Raptors of Shipley to watching the night skies with the Astronomers of Orange County.

Tom Livengood, Chair of the Habitat Committee reported that we are still watching the condition of our trees in the hope that some of them can be saved, although some had been infested by the beetles. The park has lost so many that we are hoping we can save some of those that we thought we might lose. Tom and our arborist will make a final decision this month. I will keep you posted.

Barbara continues putting on her pre-school programs every Wednesday. They have become extremely popular with Mothers and their young children. They learn a lot about nature and also have a craft project. Barbara is also developing a coloring contest to enhance the experience of children at Shipley.

Shirley Dettloff

Volunteer, Education Committee

The Friends of Shipley Nature Center

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