Children’s Programs

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be coming to visit our Little’s at Parent and Me on December 7th, so bring your camera’s and don’t forget your list!

Parent and Me, Wednesday’s at 11 am – Story time and craft – $3.00 per parent.

Hope to see you there!

Celebrate the seasons with your family at Shipley Nature Center. Discover nature’s changes as you walk through the habitats. A child’s trail guide is available for your use.

Parent and Me – story time and crafts – each Wednesday at
11 am at the cost of $3.00 per parent.  If you would like to know the day’s theme, please call (714) 842-4772.

Winter rains sprout colorful mushrooms in secret places along the trails. The interesting shapes may inspire you to make a mushroom print at home. Buy a mushroom at the supermarket or find one in your backyard. Instructions to make a print are available to take home.

Spring days encourage new leaves and flowers on some of the trees. Look for the amazing yellow flowers on the Fremontia (Fremontodendron californicum, California Flannel Bush). How many different types of trees can you identify?

Summer is time for butterflies. Count how many Monarchs you see flying throughout the different habitats. Look for a caterpillar crawling on milkweed plants. You may find a jewelled chrysalis encasing a future Monarch.

Children's Programs At Shipley

Fall brings the spiders spinning webs from branch to branch. Watch out! You may walk into one. Can you spot a spider waiting for a tasty treat? How many webs do you see as you walk the trails?