The parking lot off Goldenwest is closed for maintenance.  Alternate parking along Edwards Street.  If you need further details, please call (714) 842-4772.

Photos of Community and Volunteers in Action

Named after former Huntington Beach Mayor, Donald D. Shipley, the nature center was opened in 1974. Dr. Shipley’s vision was to have a place which reflected what California was 100 years ago. The restoration process created several early California habitats, so that children would be able to see what Huntington Beach may have been like before intense development began, wiping out native habitats.

Watch Lauren’s

Beleaf Video 

This video is a virtual tour of the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach, California. The video was produced as a Girl Scout Gold Award Project by Lauren Scandura.

We are located on Goldenwest Street at Talbert, just across from the Huntington Beach Central Library. The Center is open from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Volunteers staff the center, manage the grounds and tend the nursery. Visitors are encouraged to learn about the history of the area; explore the plant and animal life; attend programs that are age appropriate; walk the pathways or rest in a peaceful, calming environment. There is no charge for admission; however, we do encourage donations to assist us in keeping the gates open and the habitat safe.

Coyotes can be found at Shipley and usually they are very shy of humans, but we have noticed what might be an increase in their presence.  Normally they do not harm humans as their preferred food source are small rodents and we have a plentiful food source at Shipley.  We do tell our visitors that there are coyotes at Shipley, and they should stay on trails and make sure their small children are with them.  I think that the information put out by the City of Huntington Beach should provide good information and remember they are not just at Shipley and Central Park they are seen frequently in neighborhoods.

Coyote and other wildlife information